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A real Weasley clock using a Raspberry Pi and LEGO

I’ve only just started reading the Harry Potter series. I know, I know. One of my favourite things so far was the Weasley’s clock in Chamber of Secrets. It’s a clock that shows where people are and what they’re doing rather than the time. I see programming as a form of modern magic, so why not build a technological Weasley clock?

My working Weasley clock uses a Raspberry Pi and LEGO. The clock itself is a black cardboard box with the design on top. The LEGO hand is connected to a LEGO Mindstorms motor, which a Python script on the Raspberry Pi controls via the BrickPi. The script receives location data from iOS or Android using the devices’ native GPS features and IFTTT.

The words on the original design refer to different things for me. For example, when the hand is at “tailor” it means the person is at the shops. “Lost” means anywhere that isn’t an obvious location or route to a destination on the clock.

It’s not perfect yet but it works. I’ll be uploading instructions to build your own when I’m happy with it.

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