I’m using this area of the site to share translations of manuals and possibly other materials for Japanese games. There are all sorts of reasons you might need an English translation of a Japanese game manual that hasn’t been translated before. Maybe the game is rarely played outside of Japan. Perhaps the Japanese game is easy to find but the complete box and manual are extremely expensive. I won’t be translating manuals that have been translated already.

One approach I could take would be literal translations. Another would be my own idea of what would make a good manual so an English speaker can pick up a Japanese game. What I’m aiming for is a mixture of both. I am using original manuals as a foundation but I will be adding my own improvements if necessary. My goal is to give you a really good manual so you can enjoy your game. Sometimes that will mean reorganising the contents or describing things differently.

Hover over the Translations menu at the top of the page to navigate. New translations will also appear in the blog. I’m starting with a few WonderSwan games since the system was Japan-exclusive and many manuals haven’t been translated.